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Cezurity Shares Their Experience With the Developers of High-load Projects

Cezurity, Russian developer of the security methods against malware and hacker attacks, presented its views on the management of the infrastructure for a complex cloud project. The conference took place in St. Petersburg, October 13, 2012.

Alexander Chistyakov, Cezurity leading developer, presented a talk on "Management in complex project environments." Alexander spoke about methods and experience in automation of servers configuration management that support a complex infrastructure. Infrastructure complexity stems from the fact that it ensures parallel operation of a large number of services and a lot of information is being processed in various ways, it can be millions of files at any given time.

Today, management of infrastructure configurations often becomes one of the key tasks in the organization of heavy-load cloud services. Lack of automation in such management leads to a number of problems, including difficulty of scaling, environment un-synchronization, high dependency on a specific system administrator’s error, reduction of the service’s fault tolerance level.

"There are a lot of conferences where the "cloud" future is viewed from the outside, what is it all about, how to make money with the clouds, or, at least, not to lose, - says Alexander Chistyakov - but today's event is different. It brought together those who own and are currently working on a cloud project. Today the interest to a particular experience of starting services is obvious. And, as a rule, this interest goes beyond individual technologies, for example, the participants want to know what's inside a project, which technology or architecture to prefer in a certain situation, what are the bottlenecks in scaling, how to organize the management of an infrastructure.

DEV {web} conference was conducted for the first time and brought together about 200 participants, developers and other IT-specialists from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara and other cities of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.