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Cezurity Reaches Final Testing Stage of Cloud Service Technology for Detecting and Repairing PC Infections

Cezurity, a Russian malware and anti-hacking software company, announces that testing of the Virus Scanner is complete. From this day on the solution is readily available for use by nonprofessionals. The Virus Scanner is a free cloud service for your PC check and repairing infected files. The beta version was released in September, 2012.

Five-month testing resulted in having the Virus Scanner installed on more than 15 000 personal computers. Approximately 5 000 000 PC scans have been performed, and several thousand infected files have been succesfully treated. While improving the user functionality of the Scanner and recovering errors, Cezurity created a model of technical support and response to viruses based on testing. Technical support is now available in the respective community of the VK social network. Any problem having do to with the Scanner performance or arising from a PC infection can be handled by both Cezurity professionals and users with relevant experience. Besides, Cezurity have an opportunity to focus on more complex or specific situations, thus saving their time and energy and being able to provide a high standard of technical support for the cloud service.

“Testing has showed that the Virus Scanner is working smoothly. Even least experienced users have usually had no problems with that all over the place – from installation to treatment. We have decided to keep the beta status of the service since the key tecnology is constantly being modified and improved.”, - says Alexey Chaley, General Director of Cezurity.

“We have put the Scanner to severe test. Our service is designed to detect and repair infections, so it comes in handy the very moment your PC is not all right, and other tools are to blame.”, - says Kirill Presnaykov, Cezurity Lead Virus Analyst.