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Cezurity Introduces a Cloud-based Malware Detection Technology

Cezurity, a Russian malware protection and anti-hacking software company, announces the finalization of the Cezurity Cloud, which is a new generation cloud-based antivirus technology. The Cezurity Cloud effectively addresses several challenges facing the antivirus industry. Firstly, it increases the accuracy of detecting malware whose amount is growing rapidly and becoming more complex.

The Cezurity Cloud technology is based on the analysis of file properties running on the Cezurity’s server (in the cloud). A wide range of critical object properties are collected from user computers and transmitted to the cloud. Prior to transmission the information is anonymized and transformed into a format that assumes no leakage of any sensitive data whatsoever.

On the server the data are categorized and secured in a special depository. Processing information and making decisions as to the degree of harm from certain objects produces a new automatic categorization, which goes to show that the Cezurity Cloud is a self-taught system. However, if the received data were not enough to decide as to the hazard of an object, additional information is requested. The Cezurity Cloud analyzes over 200 properties of each file, including such attributes as distribution area, location within the system, behavior of files when executed. 

"It is a known fact that traditional malware detection methods lead us into a blind alley. Back in 2008 antivirus signature databases contained more than 2 000 000 entries, whereas the last few years have seen an exponential increase in the amount of malware. Neither heuristic or behavior detection methods that rely on local checks alone are not able to provide an adequate solution. Challenges facing the industry can be met if we make use of the benefits of the clouds and analysis tools for large arrays of heterogeneous data.", - says Aleksey Chaley, General Director of Cezurity.

The Сezurity Cloud technology has all necessary flexibility for various applications. Thus, the server can receive and process different information depending on tasks, which are determined by the technical features of each product or solution. Today, the Cezurity Cloud is used by the Virus Scanner – a free service designed to detect and repair PC infections. In the future, this technology will become one of the key drivers for other Cezurity products and services.