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Cezurity is Testing a New Antivirus Service

Cezurity announces the launch of the Antivirus Scanner beta testing. Antivirus Scanner is a free cloud service for the users of the social network VKontakte for malware detection and infection treatment on their computers.

St. Petersburg, September 14, 2012 - Cezurity, Russian developer of the security methods against malware and hacker attacks, announces the launch of the Antivirus Scanner beta testing. Antivirus Scanner is a free cloud service for the users of the social network VKontakte for malware detection and infection treatment on their computers.

One of the problems that are constantly encountered by the social network VKontakte support staff is the increasing number of complaints from the users whose computers were infected by malware. For example, a computer infection caused spread of spam from user's account. As a result, VKontakte administration had to block this account. Moreover, when the user called VKontakte help desk, it was quite difficult to help him, as it turned out that his computer was also infected. It was often recommended to purchase and install an antivirus because before the launch of Antivirus Scanner, there were no simple remedies that could be offered to the users so that they would be able to quickly scan and disinfect their PCs.

To solve the problem of rapid testing and treatment of computers, Cezurity created Antivirus Scanner. One of the distinguishing features of Antivirus Scanner is the speed of installation and operation. It can be used to scan a computer in just a few minutes, which is achieved through the use of cloud technology, and therefore, there is no need to download any signature databases on a local PC. At the same time, the use of Antivirus Scanner is very simple, it can be controlled not only from a window in a local computer, but also directly from VKontakte personal page.

As a result of the integration of Antiviirus Scanner with the interface of the social network, VKontakte technical specialists obtained another tool for helping users. For example, information on the test results and computer treatment from Antivirus Scanner helps better understand a problem and give a clear recommendation.

Antivirus Scanner can detect and remove all types of malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware and rootkits. At the same time, malicious objects, depending on the impending danger, can be assigned to different categories. For example, if some programs are known to be harmful, others may only have the potential to cause any harm. It can be software for remote administration, copyright protection (DRM), and various utilities. In addition, users often deliberately install and use dangerous software, where malware capabilities can be an addition to the features they need. Assignment of hazardous programs to categories allows for flexible customization of security and, in case of problems with PC performance, it allows for quick discovery of the causes.

Antivirus Scanner is not designed to prevent infection, as it does not protect computer in real-time (on-access scanning). Regular inspections by Cezurity Antivirus Scanner allow for timely detection and treatment of an infection.

"As the popularity of social networks grows, the risks associated with their use are growing as well, - says Kirill Presnyakov, Cezurity virus analyst, - on one hand, simple interface of a social network makes it accessible for a wide range of people who have never used the Internet before, very often their level of computer literacy is quite low. On the other hand, for many social network users, this environment seems quite trusting, people here feel protected and do not think about an impending danger. If you add a huge audience of a social network such as VKontakte, the appeal of this medium for all sorts of scam and malware distribution becomes obvious."

"Antivirus Scanner is based on quite complex and largely new technologies in the industry - says Alexey Chaley, Cezurity CEO, - first of all, of course, it is our cloud, Cezurity Cloud, where at any given time millions of files are processed. Although our scanner already handles users objectives very well, we will invite no more than 1000 people to participate in beta testing, this will allow us to replenish the database of clean files and make sure that there are no problems on the server side during scaling."

Beta testing of Antivirus Scanner will continue until mid-December 2012. To participate in beta testing, please visit VKontakte social network or the group of Antivirus Scanner