Cezurity Cube is a new generation of antivirus solutions for protection against a wide range of cyber threats. Cezurity Cube allows you to protect your computer from malware and hacker attacks, as well as ensure data security when using the Internet.

Key features

  1. Antivirus - malware protection.
  2. Firewall - connection control and protection against hackers.
  3. Anti-spyware - protection from programs and services that collect and transmit information.
  4. Anti-rootkit - protection against programs that hide their presence on the computer.
  5. Data Security - control of data access within applications and user directories.
  6. Application protection - control over application behavior.


  1. A new generation of antivirus software. Detection of malicious activity takes place via Cezurity EvO (Event Observer), a single mechanism that processes data from various events. For each sequence of the recorded events, specific behavioral pattern is created, which assessment allows to reach a verdict on the risk level.
  2. Proactive protection: analysis takes place in real time, not after the system already experienced dangerous events. This significantly reduces the risk of infection. It is usually more difficult to disinfect a computer than to prevent an infection.
  3. Highly accurate detection and protection against currently unknown malware and attacks (zero-day), as well as detection of the programs that are trying to hide their presence in the system (rootkits).
  4. Invisible protection: low impact on PC performance and fewer situations where you have to intervene in the work of the antivirus program.
  5. Protection against targeted (directed) attacks.
  6. Antivirus self-defense - malware and hackers cannot disable the protection.
  7. Data security: protection of data within applications and user directories.