Free cloud service for malware detection and treatment of infection.

Why do I need Antivirus Scanner?

  1. The scanner can be installed on the infected computer, to cure it.
  2. Will help to ensure that your computer is not infected. For example, you can run a check each time before you pay over the Internet or enter an online game.
  3. Regular scheduled inspections will allow to notice and to cure an infection on time.

Main advantages

  1. Detects all types of malware, including viruses, Trojans, spyware, rootkits
  2. Treatment of infections
  3. Does not conflict with other antivirus programs
  4. Detects previously unknown threats (zero-day) and malware that bypass traditional antivirus detection.
  5. A quick check of your computer takes a few minutes
  6. Uses few system resources so that the scan does not affect the operation of your computer and is therefore unnoticeable

How Antivirus Scanner works

Antivirus Scanner is a new generation of anti-malware approaches. Previously, antivirus performed a series of tests designed to search files on the infected computer. Computer files were compared with samples of malicious code (signatures that define malware). Antivirus software was looking to see if the files on your computer match with the database of viruses.

With the rapid increase in the number of malicious programs, the number of required inspections has also increased. At the same time, they occurred locally, i.e. on the user's computer. As a result, scanning required a lot of time (usually several hours) and system resources. The general principle of such protection - "allow all that is not in the signature bases."

Antivirus Scanner Cezurity is built differently. First, required information is collected from the user's computer, digital fingerprints (hashes) and other properties of the critical files. The data is transmitted to the cloud, and is analyzed there.

Unlike traditional antivirus, Antivirus Scanner is not looking for malware within a huge amount of information stored on your computer, but on the contrary, it ensures that each of the critical system files is free from infection. Therefore, it is a different type of test - "allow only what is guaranteed is not infected."

This approach allows you to test the system quickly, within a few minutes, and discreetly, without taking up system resources. Accuracy of detection of active malware is often higher than that of a conventional antivirus, for example, in a case where malware hides its presence in the system (rootkits).

The scanner is not designed to prevent contamination, as it does not protect the computer in real time (on-access scanning). Regular inspections by Antivirus Scanner Cezurity allow to notice and to cure the infection on time.